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Reliable Fire Protection for NYC Facilities of All Sizes

Fewer things are more important to a home or commercial property than a properly installed fire protection system. Reliable Plumbing NYC specializes in the installation, maintenance, testing and inspection of new and existing fire sprinkler systems, as well as fire extinguishers and other related fire protection equipment. Every facility should have a fire safety plan in place that includes regular inspections of their equipment to help prevent injuries, damages and potential fines. Please contact us today to request a free consultation for more details about what you can do to ensure the overall safety of your facility with the right fire protection equipment in NYC.

sprinkler near ceiling in a commercial building

New Installations

Reliable Plumbing NYC has installed new fire sprinkler systems for a variety of residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and warehouse facilities of all sizes. Whether your facility needs a wet or dry sprinkler system, we’ll ensure everything is installed according to the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) 25 requirements, as well as the New York City Building and Fire Departments’ safety codes. If your fire sprinkler system is outdated, we can install a new one for you that is up to code.


Whether your fire sprinklers need to be repaired or replaced, we specialize in maintenance to ensure your fire protection system functions correctly. We’re capable of providing both mechanical and plumbing repairs, ranging from ruptured fire sprinkler lines to leaky fire hydrants, frozen fire sprinkler pipes and broken or damaged valves, sprinkler heads, and fire pumps. You can also count on us for all your regular fire sprinkler system testing and inspections!


New York City follows the National Fire Protection Association’s Standard #25 outlining regulations for commercial fire protection systems. Basically, every building owner is legally responsible for ensuring that their system is regularly inspected to make sure everything’s working properly for public safety. There are specific guidelines for monthly, quarterly and annual inspections, and the New York City Fire Department also requires readily available records indicating that your facility has been in compliance. For your peace of mind, Reliable Plumbing NYC is capable of providing all necessary inspections and their paperwork.


If your commercial facility is found to be in violation of compliance with the NFPA’s Standard #25, you may face substantial fines and other penalties. And in the event of a fire at your facility, you may also be subjected to civil liability suits and/or criminal charges of negligence whether your failure to comply was intentional or not. Take all the guesswork out of violations by relying on the experienced team at Reliable Plumbing NYC. We’ll ensure you’ve filed all the correct paperwork and meet NFPA guidelines. And should anything not be in proper order, we’ll help you bring your fire protection system up to code.

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